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Perx for Individuals

Make your health habits stick for life.

Perx programs use science to help you manage your condition through better habits. Whether it’s medication or measurements, physiotherapy or physical activity, we’re here to make sure your habits stick to keep you healthy and enjoying life.

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Everything you need to manage your condition in one app

The Perx App is the cornerstone to my whole medical regime.

It’s more than just taking my meds now, all my medical appointments are put in, my exercise regime is in here, my medical examination results are here. With this app I now manage my health much better than I did before and I’m still finding new features that add to the way I live a healthier life.

Robin, 65
Let’s simplify your health

Daily support on the good days and the not-so-good days

The program is awesome.

An illness can marginalize a person but this makes you feel acknowledged and part of a family. It has really helped me with my depression. I have been using this app approx 5-6 months. I continue to use it every day. I must admit that it is the most frequent app I use on my phone.

David, 50
Meet your personal cheerleader

Rewarding motivation strategies to make habits stick daily

Having been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I needed help to manage and maintain a daily routine of taking my medications, exercising regularly and attending appointments… The concept of gaining rewards and earning points is a great incentive for me and provides the motivation that I need each day to keep to my schedule. Would highly recommend it for anyone who has a forgetful memory like me.

Bill, 61
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Most importantly -
a lifetime of better health

The rewards are awesome, but I have found the health benefits even more rewarding. Only 33 days in and I am feeling better than I have in years!!!

Anna, 39
Invest in your health

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Perx is a digital care program that motivates you to achieve your best health by forming good health habits. Our motivational programs help people living with chronic conditions stay motivated and complete their daily tasks such as medication, measurements, physiotherapy and physical activity. Perx members benefit from challenges, a motivational community and real rewards like gift cards and prizes!

Many healthcare organizations, providers and insurers provide Perx to their members for free! This is because they’ve seen our awesome clinical results and want to help you achieve your best health. You can find out if you’re eligible for a Commercial Program here. If you’re not eligible for an existing Perx program - not to fear. We offer a Free version of our program “Perx Free” which lets you trial the program. If you like it you can access Perx via schemes like the NDIS or create a subscription.

Perx is free if you are eligible for a commercial program.
NDIS eligible participants can sign up on a 14-day free trial, then $29 per month.
Other options:
a) Adhere program with 14-day free trial, then $29 per month, or
b) Perx Free program with limited features and rewards.

We’re glad you asked! Privacy of your personal and health information is very important to us here at Perx, and unlike most companies we actually mean that. So let's start with the big one... Perx does not sell your data to third parties. What do we mean? We do not give, sell, rent, loan or otherwise monetize your health information to third parties - it's that simple. You can read more about our Privacy and Security practices here and here.

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