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Perx for Insurers

Chronic care programs with real outcomes

Perx delivers evidence-based chronic care programs that deliver measurable outcomes at scale. Our next-generation programs ensure no member is left behind with high enrollment and high engagement. This results in unprecedented health and economic outcomes at scale.

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Proven evidence and return-on-investment

Leading healthcare organizations trust Perx because of our gold-standard approach to demonstrating outcomes

Many digital health solutions and programs are untested, claim others research as their own, or simply cannot reliably produce outcomes and return on investment. Perx is different, we have multiple peer-reviewed studies (including an RCT) demonstrating our impact and outcomes.

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Medication adherence over 12 months
Reduction in HbA1c over 12 months
Return on investment for health payers
Enterprise Feature Tools

Software and services to successfully deliver Perx programs at scale

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Extensive engagement expertise

Our team specializes in developing tailored enrollment strategies to maximize uptake and engagement to drive impact and outcomes.

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Transparent enterprise reporting

The Perx Enterprise portal provides our customers with dynamic transparency and insight into the success of the program and ensures key KPIs are achieved.

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Health habit coaching

Our habit coaching services enable customers to provide intervention support for high-risk members and help them form the habits to improve health outcomes and bend the risk curve.

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What happens when you deliver a next-generation, evidence-based chronic care program at scale?

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Privacy First
Privacy First
Perx adheres to strict privacy principles - over and above what is required and expected of us by regulators and our customers. Most importantly, we do not give, sell, rent, loan or otherwise monetize your health information to third parties.
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
Perx takes privacy and security obligations seriously and we follow physical, network and process security measures to ensure the protection of health information.
Data Security
Data Security
Your data is stored securely behind locked cages, onsite security and biometric access. We keep your health information in your home country as part of best-practice data sovereignty.
Encrypted End-to-end
Encrypted End-to-end
From the moment you land on our site or access our app, all your communications and data are encrypted.

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