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Perx for Providers

Digital care tools powered by engagement

Every patient-facing health intervention (meds, devices, apps) has the same challenge. Patients don’t engage. Perx has solved engagement and now we’ve built the tools and integrations to allow these solutions to reach their full potential.

Remote patient monitoring that actually works

Most remote patient monitoring platforms fail due to lack of patient engagement. Without patient engagement an RPM platform is just a collection of shiny dashboards, devices and apps without any insight.

Patients using Perx typically engage with our platform 4-5 times per day and provide behavioral insight not available in traditional remote monitoring programs.

Level up your RPM program

Seamlessly enroll patients without disrupting workflow

Successful chronic care programs requires enrollment of high-risk patients at scale. Traditional chronic care programs struggle for uptake or only enroll low-risk health-engaged, health-literate patients.

Perx uses our enrollment expertise to maximize impact. Our team has enrolled tens of thousands of high-risk members into programs. We’ve developed strategies and software to ensure programs reach all patients with minimal impact on workflow.

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Unprecedented population health insights

With appropriate consents in place, monitoring of behavioral data between appointments allows for more effective triaging of patients ahead of consults, effective intervention between consults and more empowered discussions between clinician and patients during consults.

The unprecedented level of engagement with patients in the Perx programs allows for unprecedented insight for clinical management.

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Trusted by leading healthcare and technology partners

Leading healthcare and technology organizations in Australia and the US partner with Perx to deliver game-changing programs for chronic condition patients, clinicians and organizations.

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You’re in safe hands with Perx

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Privacy First
Privacy First
Perx adheres to strict privacy principles - over and above what is required and expected of us by regulators and our customers. Most importantly, we do not give, sell, rent, loan or otherwise monetize your health information to third parties.
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
Perx takes privacy and security obligations seriously and we follow physical, network and process security measures to ensure the protection of health information.
Data Security
Data Security
Your data is stored securely behind locked cages, onsite security and biometric access. We keep your health information in your home country as part of best-practice data sovereignty.
Encrypted End-to-end
Encrypted End-to-end
From the moment you land on our site or access our app, all your communications and data are encrypted.

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