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Our Promise

We are pioneering a motivational health community for everyone

Our Promise

Early on in the journey of Perx Health we agreed our mission as a team was “pioneering a motivational health community for everyone”. It sounded great and it represented what we hoped to achieve. Over time it’s evolved into something more than a mission, but a promise from the Perx team to the entire Perx community. That promise consists of three components:

Pioneering: We do things a little different to most healthcare companies and we’re not afraid to sail out into uncharted territory. From finding unique ways to motivate patients to innovative outcome-based pricing. We love testing, learning and experimenting with new ways to deliver digital care in ways that empower and delight our members and ultimately achieve better health outcomes.

Motivational Health Community: Everything in our digital care programs is built around two core concepts - motivation and community. We want to answer two questions. How do we unlock motivation to make forming and sticking to health habits easier? How do we use this motivation to create an empowering community of people living with chronic conditions that celebrates great condition management - in the same way people celebrate achieving other health goals like going to the gym or losing weight?

Everyone: It may not seem like it but this is the most important word in our promise. We believe that too many people living with chronic conditions have been left behind by traditional healthcare. The healthcare system expects people living with chronic conditions to become super-rational, ultra-disciplined, health-literate superhumans overnight following diagnosis, whilst support is often limited to a three-fold brochure or occasional call from a nurse. We’re here to change that. We want to make sure no one is left behind in their journey to chronic condition management and we take an open-minded approach to support and motivation to make sure it works for everyone!

Privacy at Perx

Privacy of your personal and health information is very important to us here at Perx, and unlike most companies we actually mean that. So let's start with the big one.

Perx does not sell your data to third parties.
What do we mean? We do not give, sell, rent, loan or otherwise monetize your health information to third parties - it's that simple. But to spell it out...

  1. We do not sell your information directly to other companies that you have never even heard of without your permission.
  2. We do not sell your information indirectly via third-party data brokers, a sneaky tactic used to obfuscate what companies are really doing with your data.
  3. We do not sell your information to marketing technology companies like Facebook or Google who then make it available for the benefit of other companies.
Read more about our privacy approach here

Security at Perx

Keeping our members' data secure is the most important thing that we do at Perx. We go to considerable lengths to ensure that all data sent to Perx is handled securely as keeping Perx secure is critical to our business.

We want to share some of the details of what we do every day to keep things secure, and some of the work that we're doing to continually improve the security of your data.

Our team has relevant experience
Our team includes people who've designed, built and operated secure Internet facing systems in relevant industries like health, banking and other cloud services. Our technical advisers include people familiar with best-practice in IT security, from white-hat hackers who've worked for the biggest firms globally to engineers who built payment systems for Walmart.

We host in world-class facilities
All our services and data are hosted in Amazon Web Services facilities in the USA (for US patients) and Australia (for Australian patients). Amazon Web Services are the largest provider of hosting services globally and so are highly experienced in enabling security by design.

We have developed our technology with your security in mind
We implemented security features in our technology to allow members to use Perx with enhanced security. Here are a few examples:
- We use industry-standard authentication methods to ensure that only you get access to your data.
- Members can enable biometric security to require authentication via fingerprint or facial recognition to access the Perx App
- Members can enable two-factor authentication to log in to the Perx App and our web-platforms in conjunction with services like Google 2-Step Verification
- Members are required to set passwords that are both complex and long to increase their security
- Automatic detection of user credentials that have been breached on third-party services via Auth0 and notifying users

Read more about our security measures here

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