Ready to get 90% adherence with your high-risk members?

Perx provides positive, persistent motivation to your high-risk members.

We’re with them day-by-day, month-by-month, delivering you outcomes that last.

Perx is the digital care management program for medically complex members.

Designed to deliver health and financial outcomes you’ll love.


Longer engagement than typical digital health programs


Average app sessions per day


of users are active every day


Higher medication adherence in RCT


Average treatment plan
adherence across all conditions


Member satisfaction score


Reduction in HbA1c in 12-mth randomized control trial


Glycemic control improvement
in our 12-month RCT


Reduction in mental health distress


ROI for a national health plan by reducing hospitalizations


Savings per member

< 1

Month to onboard your first member

Your high-risk members are the most expensive and hardest to help.

Members don’t engage

They have so much going on they find it hard to prioritize their health.

Juggle multiple conditions

Members have multiple chronic problems, whilst most solutions are “single condition.”

Limited staff and time

It’s not possible to see everyone, and some members can’t make it to the clinic.

So we built a solution just for them.
Here’s how Perx works.

Consolidates all treatment plans in one place

The app makes taking care of their health convenient and more accessible for your members.

Delivers daily reminders when health tasks are due

Members get screen notifications or SMS reminders to stick to their health habits.

Personalizes motivation 
to keep users engaged

We use a range of motivational tools like gamification, streaks, gift cards, community, and more to keep members wanting to finish their health tasks.

Get real-world results

Whether you are a national payer, a regional provider, or a government health agency, we will improve your members’ health and your bottom line.

We are condition agnostic, require no integrations and no staffing.

How First Choice Health achieved 95% adherence
with their high-risk employees

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How Perx improves multiple clinical metrics with one program.

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How Perx delivers 90% adherence and 44x longer engagement with high-risk members.

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Improve your members’ health outcomes with positive, daily motivation

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