Exceed your Medicaid quality metrics with daily motivation.

You need a solution built for Medicaid, not a repurposed employer program.

Too often Medicaid programs are an afterthought. Not with Perx. We designed it from the bottom-up to motivate high-risk members to engage daily and close gaps in their care.

Satisfaction scores for members
with low health literacy during our
12-month RCT

Proven to work with your populations.

Our 12-month RCT showed improved outcomes in a complex, low-income,  government insured cohort. Participants had an average of 6 daily medications and 70% had two more chronic conditions.

A program for a leading national payer improved adherence (90%) and satisfaction scores (92%) for members with low health literacy as defined by HL-SF12.

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Close gaps in care and improve 
HEDIS scores with daily engagement.

A small group of members disproportionately affect your quality metrics. These are the folks Perx has a proven track record of being able to engage daily.

Daily engagement with your highest-risk members allows us to close care gaps and improve quality measures such as HEDIS, CAHPs and Star Ratings. We can ensure members improve medication adherence, attend screenings and vaccinations and complete health risk assessments at 90% completion rates.

Members improve their attendance
and adherence at 90% completion rates

Perx pays for itself through gold-standard adherence.

There is a strong relationship between treatment plan adherence and outcomes. Full adherence in Medicaid members is associated with up to 26% fewer hospitalizations.

Medicaid members managing multiple chronic conditions who fail to stick to their treatment incur over $10K per year more in healthcare cost. This cost can be avoided through Perx programs for your members.

We achieve adherence rates of over 90% across our programs. Our programs average 6x ROI, with one national payer calculating $6,234 per member savings in claims reductions.

Perx Health is ready out-of-the-box.

Secure and private data management

All our solutions are HIPAA and SOC2 compliant, and Government Agency Certified

No technical integrations or data extractions

Perx works as a standalone solution, so there’s no need for complicated integrations

No staffing required and implementation

Our programs are ready out-of-the-box, so we don’t add to your staff workload

First member onboarded in less than a month

We manage program design and enrollment to make it quick to get started.

Improve your members’ health outcomes with positive, daily motivation.

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