Gold standard adherence.
Real-world results.

The best way to improve outcomes is to get high-risk members to stick to their treatment plan.

This is where we shine, and we have the results to prove it.

Our not-so-secret formula for improving results.

Personalized, Positive, Daily Motivation

Personalized Daily Motivation

Long-term change starts with daily change which we provide, step-by-step.

Consistent Engagement

Member behaviour doesn’t change overnight. So we motivate users over the course of months

Treatment Plan Adherence

Members using Perx Health sustain over 90% over a range of conditions

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Members using Perx Health sustain over 90% over a range of conditions

Financial Outcomes

Members using Perx Health sustain over 90% over a range of conditions

Personalized, Positive, Daily Motivation

We deliver daily motivation.

Long-term change starts with daily change. If a member has uncontrolled cholesterol, the first step is taking their statins every day. If they struggle with mental health, it could be seeing their therapist regularly.

That’s why we focus on delivering positive, persistent motivation to members, day in and day out.


of members are active daily


average daily app engagements

“An illness can marginalize a person but this app makes you feel acknowledged and part of a family. It has helped me with my depression as well. I have been using this app approx 5-6 months. I continue to use it every day. I must admit that it is the most frequent app I use on my phone.”

David, 51 years old

PTSD,  Chronic Pain, Osteoarthritis and HIV

Long-Term Engagement


It takes months for healthy habits to stick.

You can’t change member behavior overnight. Our personalized mix of motivational carrots keeps members engaged 44 times longer than the others.

Gold Standard Adherence

Over 90% adherence for members

Adherence rates of over 80% are required for the best outcomes. Treatment plan adherence for chronic conditions is around 50%.

Our members average 90% across a range of conditions, from diabetes to musculoskeletal to mental health.


Perx users are four times more likely to be adherent to their treatment plan


Average adherence of Perx users to their treatment plan

Validated Clinical Outcomes

One program. Many conditions.

Your high-risk members have multiple chronic conditions. Perx manages all treatment plans, unlike most “single condition” solutions.

As a result we improve multiple clinical metrics in the same individual. For example, our 12 month RCT saw improvements in both diabetes and cholesterol measures.


HbA1C reduction


Glycemic control improvement


Cholesterol control improvement


Reduction in mental health distress

Verified Savings

Better health means a stronger plan

We know our programs have to stack up financially, not just clinically. Our programs have been independently verified and typically average between 6x and 8x ROI. We know every population is different so we’ll work with you to calculate expected ROI before we start any pilot.

6.4 x ROI

for a national payer running a Perx Health program with a high-risk population


per member reduction in claim costs from an independent payer claims analysis

Proven savings from real programs

$6,234 reduction

Global payer QBE conducted an independent analysis of their high-risk members managing musculoskeletal and mental health conditions. Analysis of claims by their actuarial team found claims from members in the Perx program were $6,234 lower than those in a matched-cohort.

6.4x ROI

A leading national health plan calculated a 6.4x ROI and a 28% decrease in hospital days for members in their Perx program. The high-risk population had an average of 3.1 conditions, low health literacy (HL-SF12) and poor self-management.

Get real-world results

Whether you’re a national payer, a regional provider or a government health agency, we’ll improve your members’ health and your bottom line.

We’re condition-agnostic, require no integrations and no staffing.

How First Choice Health achieved 95% adherence
with their high-risk employees

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How Perx improves multiple clinical metrics with one program.

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How Perx delivers 90% adherence and 44x longer engagement with high-risk members.

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