This is how Perx works.

Perx uses a personalized mix of behavior science techniques to motivate members to complete their health tasks every day.

One treatment plan for one person.

High-risk members often have multiple conditions, each with their own treatment plan. Perx simplifies care to make it easy to stick to a daily routine.

All health tasks in one place.

The Perx app consolidates all aspects of a member’s treatment plan in one place, across all their conditions.

It covers both physical and behavioral health tasks like medications, physical therapy, exercise and meditation, and services like appointments, refills, and classes.

Reminders when health tasks are due

Members receive daily reminders when their tasks are due. They can be asked to provide photo proof of task completion to create accountability.

Positive feedback through instant rewards.

Perx reinforces each daily health habit using immediate rewards like games and points. Positive reinforcement keeps members coming back 4-5 times each day.

Everyone is motivated differently

Everyone is motivated differently, so Perx uses a range of motivators and personalizes them to the member. We use multiple behavior change techniques where others rely on just one.

Financial Rewards

Perx members receive gift cards at over 30+ retailers when they stick to their treatment plan.


Every time a member completes a task, they get to play a short game that reinforces their health habit as a positive experience.

Streaks & Levels

Some are motivated by self-improvement so we track streaks of “perfect days”


For naturally competitive members, Perx motivates using their health leaderboard

Community Support

Perx has an built-in community where members can ask questions or gain collective support

Personalized daily motivation for long-term change

“Imagine Perx is a food buffet of motivational behavior techniques that we personalize. Over time, we figure out that you like mac 'n cheese, but don't like curry. So we bring the mac 'n cheese closer and push the curry further away.”

Hugo Rourke, co-founder

Powerful Enterprise features

Perx features make it easy for your teams and business to support your members.

Care Portal for Case Management

Real-time monitoring of adherence behaviors and clinical measurements

Perx Connect API

Streamline enrollment and ensure all your data ends up in the right place

EMR integrations

Sync appointments, clinical measurements and share empowering insights with providers

White labelling & mobile SDKs

Create a consistent brand experience and turbo-charge engagement within your existing solutions

Customizable program design

Add tasks, surveys, and services unique to your members

HIPAA and SOC2 Compliance

Secure and private member data management, approved by leading national plans and government agencies

Internal Health Economics

Health economics evaluation models to ensure your Perx program is delivering value

Improve your members’ health outcomes with daily motivation.

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