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May 3, 2024

Perx named one of World’s Best Digital Health Companies 2024

Perx Health's success in motivating high-risk members has been recognized by Newsweek. Perx was chosen as one of the "World's Best Digital Health Companies" in the important health prevention category.

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Perx Health

Perx Health has been named one of "World’s Best Digital Health Companies" 2024 by Newsweek

We're thrilled to announce that Perx Health has been chosen by Newsweek and Statistica as one of the World's Best Digital Health Companies 2024.

Perx was recognized in the important health ‘prevention’ category for improving high-risk member outcomes with digital motivation. Finalists were chosen from a global shortlist of companies across 35 countries and evaluated on a range of factors including financial performance, product impact and app traffic.

Finding the (digital) diamonds in the rough

Digital health is a crowded industry space and, with a 9.16% annual growth rate, it’s only going to get more crowded. That makes it hard for payers and providers to find quality vendors amidst all the noise. It's a topic close to the heart of Perx's founders, Scott and Hugo, who have written about it at length.

That’s why Newsweek and Statistica assembled this list. They aim “to provide stakeholders and patients with valuable insights to help them identify the most suitable digital health solutions amidst the diverse array of options available in the market.” Their World’s Best Digital Health Companies 2024 is an independent resource that points to the best–in-class in digital health.

Our recognition through this award reaffirms Perx's mission to provide high-risk members with quality digital solutions, and the impact we have already had with people with multiple chronic conditions and low health literacy. We're honored to be among the select few acknowledged for our commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and outcomes.

About Perx Health

Perx Health is a trailblazer in digital care management, distinguished by very high engagement with hard-to-reach members. Perx's unique daily motivational model sees members come back 4 times daily for over 6 months, which drives adherence rates of 96% across a range of clinical care tasks. Designed with the clinically complex in mind, Perx addresses a wide array of chronic conditions, from diabetes to severe mental health, and uses motivational techniques tailored for those with low health literacy. Health plans partnering with Perx benefit from exceptional adherence rates, leading to significant clinical improvements, cost savings per member, and a substantial return on investment.

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Perx named one of World’s Best Digital Health Companies 2024

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