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April 1, 2024

"Everything about the program exceeded my expectations."

First Choice Health, a provider in the Northwest, was looking for a solution to improve health outcomes with their high-risk employees. 6 months into their collaboration with Perx Health, they couldn't be happier with the results.

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Perx Health

Perx Health has teamed up with First Choice Health to create a program for their high-risk employees and, just six months into the program, the results are already outstanding.

This collaboration is focused on supporting employees with chronic conditions such as obesity, hypertension, pre-diabetes, and mental health. To date it has delivered 95% adherence to employees' treatment plans, 145% higher enrollment than the target, and an 89% employee satisfaction rate.

First Choice Health is a healthcare provider in the Northwest, with an extensive network and commitment to integrated healthcare. In 2023 they were looking for a solution to improve health outcomes with high-risk employees but, like many providers, found that challenging.

  • 32% of Americans have multiple chronic conditions, but most solutions are "single condition" focused
  • Engagement is low, especially in digital health programs
  • High-risk employees are overwhelmed and find it hard to make time for accessing care

First Choice Health chose Perx Health as their partner for its existing successes with these high-risk populations. Perx motivates employees to stick to their treatment plans with daily rewards, gamification and community. It is specifically designed for low health literacy and its ability to manage all of an employee’s chronic conditions simultaneously is a major benefit to this population. This “one program, all conditions” approach ensures that employees receive daily motivation for all parts of their care.

Key programs goals were adherence, member satisfaction and engagement. Perx knocked it out of the park! Or, as Kevin Conefrey, VP of HR and Corporate Resources at First Choice Health, described it:

“We couldn't be happier with the results. Perx's adherence numbers are fantastic; we over-achieved on enrollment, and our employees enjoy the games and rewards. Everything about the program exceeded my expectations.”

Employees loved it, and the executive team appreciated the projected annual savings of $1,348 per member.

Based on this success, First Choice Health is now looking to expand the program to other employer groups. If you’re interested in seeing how Perx Health can achieve similar results for your high-risk populations, reach out at

A summary of the First Choice Health program can be downloaded here.

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"Everything about the program exceeded my expectations."

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